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Alkan von Streunan

  • In-Game: Alkan
  • Nickname: Alkie (Okay, not really)

Alkan (Appearance circa Nightstone service days) and the brand of the Exiled

Basic Information[]

  • Guild: Dark Heart of Azeroth
  • Title: Prince of Foxes
  • Alignment: ?
  • Race: Human
  • Class: Priest
  • Professions: "Tribal" or "Medicinal" Herbalism ((Herbalism, Alchemy)), Shu'halo Healing and an assortment of magics

Physical Description[]

  • Age: Not more than 23
  • Sex: Male
  • Hair: Burnt blond, orange-ish red. (Used to be short on top with braided rattails, though it is growing out to appear more like the in-game model)
  • Eyes: Light green
  • Weight: --
  • Height: Not more than 5'5"?
  • Garments/Armor: Always wears robes
  • Other: Always has a medicine pouch, a pipe...or various paraphernalia.


There is something quite odd about this man. He can be quite grave at times, though he is often publicly seen as a drunk and/or junkie. Alkan can appear wise, foolish, cunning, kind, malicious, or outright insane at different times by different sources. He is also known for causing trouble (normally getting into it himself)!

What drives Alkan more than anything else, however, is the indescribable urge he has to survive. The man refuses to stop moving or cease his action, out of some fear (almost never spoken about by him) of stopping and slipping back to "the old days" or to the horrors of some forgotten promise.


Alkan's history is intricate, but those close to him may know of Alkan the Black and his many kinds of magical practices. He is said to hail from some ancestral holding in eastern Lordaeron, destroyed years ago during the Third War.