Earthen Ring Wiki
OOC Game Stats
Game Name Aliardia
Faction Alliance
Race Night Elf
Gender Female
Class Druid
Guild The Aged Saber
Professions Herbalism
IC Info
Nicknames Ali, Blonde-elf
Age 20
Height 6'5"
Hair Snow White
Eyes Light purple
Skin Purple

Physical Description[]

A beautiful night elf, Aliardia walks with grace but often has the silly grin of a child. Most of the time she smiles and brightly greets others-even those she doesn't know. Her long, snow white hair reaches just a few inches above her waist. Not many scars or bruises are visible, in fact, she seems as if she has never suffered any physical pain in her life before. Her eyes glow as she walks, and-as long as the sun shows-her hair is shinier than all the gems in Azeroth put together. Well, that might be a bit of an exaggeration. Her walk is quite bouncy, and it's hard to determine her age. She seems quite younger than she actually is. The only ring she wears is a gift from her daughter, Serlinia. She has had wedding rings on before-all sadly taken off, though. Around her neck is a diamond and emerald studded collar. The collar itself is white, and the gems shine brightly. She is a druidess-but no one knows why she wears a collar, except those who are very very close to her. Her outfit varies from time to time. Sometimes, she'll be wearing a black pirate-style shirt with black pants, black boots, a black cape, and a black headband...lotta black. Other times, she'll wear a slinky black dress that has the shape of a heart where her stomach is. And even other times she'll wear bright blue, white, or really any color of dress. Unless you catch her working-which is very rare-she never wears her tabard. Despite how much some people try to bring her down, Ali remains cheerful as always.


Overly-hyper, loud, kind, and...possibly annoying. Not to mention...a drama queen!


At a young age, Ali's father left her, her brother was taken away to train, and her mother just disappeared. Her brother, Zekke, is a demon hunter, and he is almost nothing like Aliardia. They never hang out, so there's not much that's known about him... Ali's father is believed to be dead. She never met him before, and honestly, she doesn't really care a whole lot. Her mother, on the other hand....Ali lived with till she was about 2 or 3. Terrified of SOMETHING-no one is quite sure exactly what-her mother fled, and left Ali with her best friend, Fandaria, otherwise known as Fan. Fan is like a second mother to Ali. People believe that Fan is her nanny-but, neither Fan nor Ali use that word. She's old, grumpy, and will not hesitate to tell you that she strongly dislikes you. If you mess with Ali, she'll be there. If you date Ali, she'll be there, watching, and most likely disapproving. (( More later. ))