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  • Luminary: Sheldora
  • Loremasters: Aeralanis, Aquvi, Renalde
  • Guild Site: Akademia
  • Recruiting Status: Open
  • Current Roster: Faculty and Students
  • Questions? Please contact the Luminary, a Loremaster or one of our helpful Emeritus’.

Guild Synopsis[]

Akademia is a roleplaying/action guild, and an institution of higher learning based on the idea that victory comes through knowledge and teamwork. Our members are instructors and scholars who seek to channel the raw potential of new recruits into a finely-honed force using the best techniques and strategies to ensure victory. These skills will be taught by some of the best and brightest veterans available.

We make our home in Nethergarde Keep, where our instructors teach a variety of topics. Akademia does not accept just anyone. You must demonstrate aptitude, patience, courtesy and respect. Your mind must be open to new ideas and new ways of thinking, and you must be committed to success through teamwork, not just personal glory.


All new recruits will start as Neophytes. All members have a color based on their rank. This is the color of shirt/robe the character should wear during roleplaying events. Our training events are semi-in-character, meaning we explain the mechanics and strategies of the game to the player in game-terms, but your character hears this as combat training. All other events are totally in-character.

No event is mandatory, but members are encouraged to participate in events when possible. Advancement will be based on event attendance and performance. The more effort you put in, the higher rank you can achieve. If you do not want to take on the duties of the next highest rank, let us know and you can remain where you are comfortable. The most important factors in advancing are 1) whether people have fun with you; and 2) your knowledge of how to play.

Our most promising students and successful graduates will be invited to gain advanced skills and experience through our Practical Application (PA) department. PA is where you hone your skills shoulder to shoulder with your fellow scholars by tackling our enemies wherever they are found: in dungeons requiring heroes of the greatest skill, on battlegrounds struggling to win vital strategic victories against the horde, and through duels facing the greatest challengers in the world.

Members Pages[]

Akademia's finest.


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