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Aeralanis; shot by User:Aeralanis

Basic Stats[]

  • Name: Aeralanis
  • Height: 7'5"
  • Weight: 220 lbs
  • Race: Night Elf
  • Age: would be approximately 17 in human measure
  • Title: Loremaster
  • Profession: Enchanting and Mining

Physical Appearance[]

Quite tall even for a night elf, her long hair blue flows well to the ground fastened neatly out of her way with a long braid which she is sometimes seen to argue with when partaking in activities of a more physical nature. She is obviously very young for one of her race and at first glance seems bubbly and care free though upon looking deeper its clear that she is much more somber than she lets on.


Bouncy and clutzy, Aera will be one of the first dashing off to meet her friends tripping into them with a pounce and a hug. Her manners are poor at best often talking out of turn or saying inappropriate things for the situation. Lacking all forms of modesty she can often be found bounding naked about the forest or swimming, though when paid any form of compliment she blushes a luminous purple and stammers back into the corner. Despite this lack of modesty Aera is really quite shy, often melding into the shadows when around a big group of people she does not know. She is fierce in protecting her friends, the forest and Dwarves.