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Welcome to the Academy

Guild Information[]

Established: -date-
Guild Type: Roleplay
Guild Leader Mallestai

Guild Purpose[]

This guild's primary goal is to help those new to RP learn the the ropes, as well as meet new people and hone their skills. It seems some of the main reasons people shy away from RP are that they either:

  • Do not know anyone, outside of two to three people, or
  • Grow nervous, or scared to speak with new people due to lack of faith in their abilities, and/or possible rejection from the more well known role-players of the Earthen Ring community.

We are seeking those who wish to help as well as be helped. Our primary goal is to assist players with the construction of their characters, advise against taboos that might result in a more matured role-player ignoring them, suggest addons such as FlagRSP and Outfitter, and over all integration into the role-playing community.

So if you are new to RP, and want to make some friends and get the hang of it: We want you.

Also, if you are experienced, and wish to be an officer in the guild to help other people learn: We want you. (I cant do it alone!)

If anyone is interested, feel free to send me a tell or mail in-game. Help form the next generation of role-players for this server I love so much!

(Also, any opinions and suggestions are more than welcome...this is for the server as a whole after all.)