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Abron making a hasty retreat from Ragefire Chasm

Basic Information[]

  • Name: Abron Scuttlemar
  • Class: Rogue
  • Guild: Palemoon Requiem
  • Rank: Commander
  • Profession: Engineer


Abron is a Gnomish exile from the lost city of Gnomeregan. He fled the catastrophe that destroyed his home with the remaining members of his family and sought refuge within the Dwarven stronghold of Ironforge. Abron escaped with his sister and her three children, however in the process she was horribly wounded and crippled as a result of her injuries. Her husband, a member of the guard, was lost in their flight to safety. The surviving Scuttlemars were taken in by a very generous and compassionate Dwarven couple of the Brazeburn clan who serve as hosts to a number of families of Gnomish exiles in the city of Ironforge.

Abron turned to the Rogue arts in a bid to serve the Alliance as his parents did in the First War against the Horde. His father, Kipron, was a pilot in the Gnomish Air Brigade while his mother, Pegra, an accomplished engineer, was instrumental in the development of the Gnomish Mechanized Infantry. Abron’s parents both disappeared shortly before the fall of Gnomeregan in pursuit of Kipron’s brother Skark, a mage driven mad with magical corruption and an unquenchable thirst for power. None of them have been seen or heard from since.

Abron hopes to one day open a pub and restaurant in Westfall once that land has been reclaimed from the grip of fear of the villainous Defias Brotherhood, one of Abron’s most hated enemies.

Suspicious and wary of the fragile truce with the Horde, Abron is entirely loyal to the Alliance, especially the Dwarves of Ironforge who came to the aid of the Gnomes in their most dire plight.

Abron in Shattrath, the City of Light

The Burning Crusade[]

Two years have past since Abron entered the ranks of the Alliance. In that time he has joined his friends and comrades in many trials and adventures.

Now, with the opening of the Dark Portal, the arrival of the Draenei, and the betrayal of the Blood Elves, Abron has embarked into the realm of Outland to answer the Alliance’s call to take up arms against the Burning Legion and their crusade to scour all life from the known universe.

The Wrath of the Lich King[]

One year after traveling the shattered realm of Outland, Abron has returned to his native Azeroth answering the call of the Alliance northward, toward the frozen steppes of Northrend.

The dreaded Lich King, having awakened and renewed his assault against the lands of the living, stands ready to unleash his seemingly endless Scourge army of evil undead upon the rest of Azeroth.

The forces of the both the Alliance and Horde advance to repel this threat once and for all but with tensions mounting on all sides, the question remains who will claim final victory, and at what cost?