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An example of the template code for guilds and groups (see Template:Preload/Guild_or_Group_Page to see this example rendered).


Field Descriptions

  • gname: This is the name of the guild or group as it appears in-game.
  • guildORgroup: Define either Guild or Group.
  • gfaction: The faction of the guild. Define either Alliance, Horde, or Cross-Faction.
  • gtype: The type of play the guild focuses on. Define either PvE, PvP, or Roleplaying.
  • g_rp: The roleplay level of the guild. Define either Light, Medium, or Heavy.
  • gsize: The size of the guild, exact or ambiguous.
  • gm: The guild master of the guild. If there are multiple guild masters, list all.
  • contacts: Primary players to contact in-game, other than the guild master, about the guild, if necessary.
  • website: The website of the guild. If there is no website, simply enter No.
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